• Thabiso Nkoana

Like an Ass.

So you want similes

like junkies who don’t know how to get their next heroin

like Jesus freaks on bended knees

like Islam geeks on suicide scenes

as anxious for death as Macbeth

as serious about black as Biko’s mac;

an Afrikan sister can never be whack

born and bread

it was said

on Sobukwe’s back.

Let me see

like the point of similes

sin is still sin

wrong still lives as wrong

pain never stopped hurting

love is life

new generation

O. B. E. education

material fixations

no physical frustrations

Black Label medication

like blood pressure situations

hyper tense relaxation

simile taxation

language in false elation

for a standing ovation.

So let us assimilate,

accentuate our similarities

no time to think

sheep still eat

find time to sleep

fornicate on lush greens

so let us just be

judgemental on the way home from church

arrogant on the way to work

elitist at poetry sessions

and ignorant in the times between,

perhaps not.

How about praying for our enemies

if we have any

Help draft a C. V.

and how to handle an interview

Forget our words

and focus on their meaning

Let us be ignorant of beef

and a note to me

find inner safety.

How poetic

the same old rhetoric

so why wont we reform to it?

I guess it won’t afford a Blue Label

make you bling

and win the popularity thing.

So senseless similes strung sequentially cement scripters scripting stupidly

selfishly seeking brain cell slavery

allow me not to touch

on their a, b rhyme schemes

infantile like black sheep

or their army type colour schemes

when they know nothing

about fighting teams

like the B. E. E. tender peeps

as selfish as a pen

as greedy as the page

as lame as Men’s Health

So I gave you similes

like be careful what you wish for.

Thabiso Nkoana©2007

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