• Thabiso Nkoana

That Ancience of Preservation

How dare you try to Pacify Meditated Rains With Scant Land Tricks When even the Eastern Motions Failed to qwell the heat See how they lied to Pacify Potions Of Radiated Saints When even the Orient Trojans Detailed a swell defeat Re bua ka batho ba noka tše kgolo Ba Tlhaping Di Kwena Badimo ba metši Ba hlompa mawetle Ba hlompehi ba mafase Barena sefate Mangoloi a pula Them who were there When Thunder reprimanded Lightning When Cloud protected Sun When Tide cleansed Rock Them Who gave Glimmer to Lake and fished Moisture from Melon They Who gave Meaning to Fluid and rained Blessing from Sky Those Who gave White to Wave and drank Reason from Spring Thus it came to pass The People covenant with daughter Earth

From whose matswele Ba ba bonwa ba anya Mašwi a Badimo byala ba mabele Indulgence in which Remains a reminder of the four legged horse that falls The truth of promise learned From the yawn of Hippo Whose star lit strolls Left room for Wind to comb the locks of bleeding willows While Eagle lay on the Wind’s crown Admiring the bounty that jostled below This tale of balance shan’t soon be forgotten Coded in the skins of People’s descendants For as long as those orbs of light hang and glide Through and on The sleeping mat of Modimo So too shall daughter Earth continue to sculpt Visions of marvel With falling waters of gladness.

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