• Thabiso Nkoana


There was once a not so young man

living in a not so far land.

The young man’s life was not so average,

a pleasant being whose sole goal was to keep others of the humans happy and smiling.

He had a large heart

and wonderful mind.

Both had been tainted by friends of life,

Trial and Tribulation.

On a not so beautiful day

having a not so easy chat with him himself

while sitting on a not so large rock,

A not so strange being, Love,

came by and asked the not so young man,

“Why do you look not so happy?”

The not so young man told the not so strange being that his heart was shrinking

and his mind was rotting.


Love asked as she sat down next to him and shawled a comforting warmth around the not so young man’s being.

“It’s Life” he said.

“Each day Life breaks a part of my heart,

steals a part of my soul,

throws a part of rubbish in my mind.”

Love smiled the smile of white clouds skating across blue skies and stroked the back of his brown neck,

“That is the purpose of Life, to hit you when you are down

and take from you that which cannot be taken.”

“So what do I do? How do you keep Life from taking from you?”

“I plant seeds in my heart and mind that grow into bountiful fields.” She replied.


The not so young man asked, with paint colours of confusion splashed across his face.

“Yes, seeds of all that is goodness.”

Love then reached into a small, brown and weathered leather bag that was bonded to her waist

She pulled out two sticks,

with what seemed to be berries stuck to their ends

and gave them to him.

“What is this?”

The not so young man asked.


With that, Love floated away on a not so stiff breeze and whispered, not so hurriedly,

“I exist, not only through myself, but through you.”

Thabiso Nkoana©2007

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