• Thabiso Nkoana

La khenya.

La khenya, le busy ka di politricks tsa bo Thuthukile Zuma

instead of the history ya Yaa Asantewa

No man, la bora

You are more concerned about how some rich, spoilt, moody white boy,

shot and killed his super sexy, super hot, model girlfriend

gona le gore le botse ka Simon of Cyrene

Oh, I forget

you’re too occupied with Israel and Palestine bombing the crap outta one another

occupied with showing your solidarity with the occupied lands on Palestine

between five and seven in the evening, or on weekends

occupied with arranging marches to raise awareness about a family feud

Oh I’m sorry, have I simplified it a bit too much?

Are the Jews and Muslims of Palestine not family?

My bad, guess my mind was a bit too occupied with the current effects of bloody Europe and their bloody asshole “scramble for Arika”!!

Excuse me for wondering why we’re not building a super Afrikan army to go raid them European and American fucks for what they owe!

To quote a certain Riley Freeman,

“You gonna pay what you owe Santa!”

Sheba, bo Otto von Bismarck left a whole Namibia to their descendants, for them to do as they please with it.

“How?” you ask? By slaughtering, I mean literally slaughtering thousands of the Nama and Herero people of that area.

And you want to tell me about Afghanistan and Iraq, you want to concern yourself with hippie fundamentals based on marijuana induced light bulb moments experienced by barefooted, middle class, pony tail wearing, white and mulato kids and even twanging Afrikan youngsters, whose whole life experience is built around suburban ways or whatever? Heh? Nonsense!! The very same hypocrites that shun people because they don’t dress like them, don’t speak like them, don’t smell like them or don’t aspire to the same ideologies as they do.

“No, we are pigeons, you are a sparrow. Sorry, but you can’t fly with us.”

Tell me about how we fix or get back the more than R60 billion Chris Stals gave to the Broederbond, from the coffers of the South Afrikan Reserve Bank, through the then Volkskas bank, now you’re beloved ABSA? Tell me that.

Ya, vele! Every time you use their ATMs or get a home loan from them, you’re unwittingly funding the Broederbond. Remember them? You think the Illuminati are badass? These cats took over the country from right under the nose of ol’ Hertzog. Apartheid? Their brainchild.

And you want to tell me about a twenty five year old anthropologist. Ga! Let her dust the skeletons of her own closet, better yet, let her reveal the hidden artefacts of this department of envelopes and cell phones.

Let’s talk about Libya’s debt. Let’s ponder how and why Haiti had to pay France. Let’s debate how much England and its royal family actually owe Mzansi. Hell, let’s take five minutes in our day to speak to a homeless cat. Just talk to the guy! Hell, buy him or her some fruit, won’t cost more than R10, I promise. Find out why that girl in your office or class never smiles. Tell the sky it looks pretty today.

Meanwhile, I’m gonna find me a rich anthropologist to knock up.

Peace in Philippi Streets.

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