• Thabiso Nkoana


Slam slam for slamming poetic jams

My rhyming plan for jamming poetic spam

As I stand here and slam

A contradiction scam

We scribe to grab the tram

Recite to have the glam

Light lime to please the fam

So this child will never leave the pram

America now has hacked

A thinking so exact

That to share is to transact

Ra lebala le go reta

Futhi na nok’bonga

Tussen die boom n die bas ja

I don’t believe in competing poesy

Nor the grading of creativity

I play along for productivity

alongside financial activity

Never seeking acceptability

nor industry applicability

I strive to have proclivity

for positivity conductivity

Heartically, Spiritually, Soulfully and Mentally

That’s how to find the confidence

to speak on stage with dominance

& even give yourself compliments

like how I’m articulating with metrical opulence

& have no fear of the consequence

This gift is not mine

it’s the multiverse that’s competent

I’m just a simple minded instrument

So forget the slamming prominence

judges judging consciousness

Be a poetic ideologist

That’s me preaching like an evangelist

while I stand upright and slam dunk a script.

Thabiso Nkoana © May 2015

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