• Thabiso Nkoana

A Letter to Steve

Dear Steve,

My vigor is exhausted as a revolutionary with a cause

My spirit is trapped in a dwindling dream

By capitalist creams

Enticing my mental stream

A forgotten face am I in the aftermath of a conscious mutiny

My heart is desolate

For the masses are desperate

And the land no longer intimate

A drought has starved my earth coloured cheeks of sorrowing rain

Supremacy is still fair

Our treasures still there

For their own there’s no care

Inequitable acts have been employed to sack our novelty

My centre rings constantly

For trusting comradery

A forced discipline not hearing me

Aubuti Bantu, a eba fela ele mantswe

Ebile nako ya gago e fetile


Thabiso Nkoana©2006

#politics #southafrica #history #spokenword #poetry #wordsmith #poem #life

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