• Thabiso Nkoana

For Example…

Like no CD collection is complete

without Tumi at the Bassline

and The Decibels

As no Negro is educated

unless aware of the Mis-educated

Like no Autumn leaf hears a Birdland Lullaby

without changing chords

As no Rasta is such

with judgement in the pupil

Like no clique is unlike

a flock of birdbrains

As no verse is through

until sense is conveyed

Like freedom is never free

As Afrika suffers through the plight

of the greedy

Like mankind is immersed in oil wells

of selfishness

As greetings are supplanted by empty glares

Like thought is left to the ancient Greeks

As politics is misunderstood, misused

and mediad

Like adultery is expected and accepted

As religion is a brilliant idea

Like the greatest are seldom heard

As a shoe cupboard is a box

with no Converse

Like no sexual escapade is a journey

if she doesn’t lose control

As a meal must be chewed

Like no memory recalled

avoids a smile

As truth is a dead past

Like the Cape has no hope

with tones under skin class

As the mountain is aware of its beauty

Like the sky knows its true colour

As ganja is a dried plant

Like the measure of a king

is no longer the wealth

and prosperity of his people

As no test is worth a fail

Like artistry is slave labour

As poetry is a fad

Like dreams are real

As love is perfectly inspirational

Like the lost should be found

and shown a home

As a mother should be fathered

Like a soul is so

when unforgiven

As action is an idea resolved

The mind perceives, the hand writes and the mouth orates…

Thabiso Nkoana©2011

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