• Thabiso Nkoana

R.W.O (Radical World Order)

Let us deface

All foreign land marks

Stop bombing ATM’s

Save the fireworks

for the bronze replicas

of your  forefathers’ slave masters

Let us deface

All white hoods

including mine

save your spray cans

for caged garage doors

or even liberal drive way floors

Let us deface

All faceless people

Stop burning Afrikans

save your matches

for stone baldheads

even the poor rednecks

Let us defecate

On Steve Booysen’s lawn

burn ballot papers at Luthuli’s gate

torture all parliamentary pawns

for they cause poverty to replicate.

The Ganja Weed Militia is born.

Thabiso Nkoana©2007

Ed. Abdul Milazi @2015

#politics #southafrica #research #history #spokenword #poetry #wordsmith #peace #poem #life #Africa

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