• Thabiso Nkoana

A Dark Colored Place

Do you know the face of poverty?

Sitting beside you on the last train to Pretoria?

In clean white All Stars and faded blue spotty.

Her black bra riding high on her back

with nipple almost showing

not to entice

but ready to suckle poverty junior

Who refuses to be still

agitating the mind of poverty

alongside suffocating daymares

and recurring nightdreams

The face of poverty is dark

thick round lips

sharp flat nose

Eyes with long natural lashes

glisten through a mist of weariness

Nail for facial scrub

no consumer line for side effects

only blackened signs

of blackhead defects

Structure firm

athletic in another life

which led to poverty junior

a wild jaguar to be tamed

Now she travels alone

on night time trains

shushing her youth

at every commuter swop shop

shielded from the nippy draft

by a once blue towel

now just a well travelled cloth

Poverty carries a sun coloured bag

with flower shine prints.

Poverty wears shiny loop earrings

To match junior’s blingy studs.

Poverty dresses her youth

in a Bratz pack hoodie

& matching blue jeans.

Poverty’s summertime bag

looks complete with supplies

Do you know the face of poverty

sitting beside you on the last train

to Pretoria?

Was it left at Park Station

during its lateness in life

asking for a coin to ride

the last train to safety?

Poverty has no GSM connection

nor bi coloured coin for crisps

Poverty cannot hide

nor does it lie

Yet, it must die.

#poem #poetry #southafrica #wordsmith

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