• Thabiso Nkoana

A Calm Quest.

Time passes like spirits dancing in a fire

Light travels as emotions landing on a shore

Such is love.

Sound creates creatures craving creeks

Colour saves sentiment soaring in silence

Such is unity.

These are things of strength,

foundations upon which destroyers of pain are built.

These are constructions of ecstasy,

bricks with which the nemeses of anger are sturdied.

Again with the convoluted ideas

this convoluted man!

How you mishear the truth,

when all it is is a cry

for love, unity, strength & ecstasy.

If each one could teach one to love another for the happiness of the next

then many may unite and all will have strength.

Unroll your eyes

humble your heart

control your thoughts.

Avoid confusion by plain ideas

which is all that this is;

a layman propagating lay ideas in a lay manner so lame manners may be vaporised.

Then ask them all,

“Why must we hurt one another?”

Thabiso Nkoana © 5 October 2013

#southafrica #spokenword #poetry #wordsmith #peace #poem #life

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