• Thabiso Nkoana

A Beginners Guide to Lexicology

he missed Poetry

hidden under a clean page

watched over by an inkless sword

paper-back wearied by pseudo names

spine bent by glutinous lust,

for stage space and mic light

her coverings the matter of judgment

only booked into conspicuous conditions

to be consumed by hippie revelers

constructed by baboonery

now he misses Poetry

slumbering beneath misfiring synapses

given refuge by limp tongues

lips chapped by winds of strange,

that teared her eyes with ravenous sodomy

for automated sessions and marketed tunes

her joints a calcified argument

appears fallacious in her arthritic corners

subdued by narcissistic schmucks

composed by witlessness

still, he misses her

voyaging to the foot of a mountain

where mermaids lay in wait

with songs of resurrection

to explore caverns that flow to the core of Mother Gaia

within this aura

through this personage

Poetry is missed no more

Thabiso Nkoana©13.05.2012

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